contact: ramassesromero@hotmail.com

Well... it's always difficult to tell something about me or what I like to work, because I am very curious in many fields on game and movie industry. But I am pretty sure that what I like the most to work with is UI Art and Character Design. Also doing assets in general for games is very satisfactory for me, so that's why I am always exploring 3d softwares and motion softwares. So this way I can be updated for the demands of our game industry.

My background experience comes from Mobile games, social games and nowadays from gambling games, which is very cool, since I can work creating assets, art in general for this games, like character design, marketing illustrations (most commom) and ui art.

Lastly, I am looking opportunities to work remotely or as freelancer, but I am open to offers in-house. Feel free to contact me by ramassesromero@hotmail.com and ask me anything.

Freelancer on games.
 January 2016 - present

UI Designer | Character Designer
Working as freelancer since 2016, I've been developing  skills of UI Art and Character Design as my main job. Also, working a lot doing art for marketing.

My career background
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