Tap Toy was developed in 2012 as my college’s final work.
The first steps was a little bit difficult in which way to choose how to show the elements of level on the interface. If it would be something more by drawing or simple shapes. If the level names should be introduced or not on the screen selection. Also, all the scructure was defined together. Many thing that I see today in that time, I realized I choosed a hard path until to get the final result, but, we all need to learn from somewhere, isn't it? (rs). After a fews sketches and studies of art. We ended up reaching the result as showed before.
I was responsible for the environments and gameplay concept art as well. I had to create four kinds of worlds: Dolls World, Racing World, Casino World and finally, the Space World. However, was me and the team had a short time to finish the project, we ended up focusing only in the first two worlds. The concepts below helped the team to think in the structure of the levels and elements we could use as obstacles and decoration on the background. Trying to reuse as many as possible the 3d models.
Character Design
The final Low poly character I designed for the game. 


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